Industrial / Summer Training

Intelligence is knowing what to do when you don't know what to do..

  • Training (at 'the brainhub | TECHNOLOGIES') enables to bridge the gap between the Industry's requirements and the Candidate's skill-set by acquiring latest skills.
  • 'Knowing a concept' and 'Implementing a concept' both are tightly coupled but there are differences.
  • Remember, If we hear, we know; If we see, we remember; If we implement, we understand. At 'the brainhub | TECHNOLOGIES' we make you understand the concepts by implementing it to the real scenarios.

Best Industrial Training Company in Karnal (Haryana) India


At 'the brainhub | TECHNOLOGIES' we train on the Latest Technologies with a practical & real-time approach. Our skilled trainers will help you to understand the new technologies and equip you to implement the concepts in real time environment, including solutions to problems.

Our highly trained and experienced Technical team of Trainers can serve to any kind of Corporate Training, in-house College / Institute and Individual Training needs, whether it is Technologies (like .Net, MVC, Java / J2EE, PHP, Node.js, Angular.js etc.), Products (like MS BizTalk Server, Quick Test Professional, etc.), Databases (MS SQL Server, etc.).

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Training develops confidence in whatever is learnt. After completing training, at 'the brainhub | TECHNOLOGIES' one feels much confident. Understand, if concepts not clear or there is any confusion, one has to face many obstacles at the time of interview, exams or even in the professional life. Interviewers always like to hear accurate to the point solution to every problem, smoothness in a professional life depends on sharpness, intelligence and confidence in the concepts.

Trainers at 'the brainhub | TECHNOLOGIES' are expertise in training and are technically proficient. Trainers are well experienced in the IT Industry. It is a tremendous opportunity to gain knowledge from their experience and in the field where the programming concepts are not written in one book.

Few of the key Strengths of the Trainers (at 'the brainhub | TECHNOLOGIES'):

  • Technically Proficient
  • Microsoft Certified Professional
  • Trained Professionals with expertise in Latest Technologies like,, MVC, React.js for .Net, Java, Enterprise Java, Node.js, Angular.js, PHP, MS BizTalk Server, MS SQL Server, MS SharePoint, etc.
  • In-depth Knowledge in our Latest Technologies
  • Keen to Support Student and foster interest in new technologies